Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Apla Apla!n

TV's very first phrase 'apla apla' (on my own).
While I m helping her get her clothes on, she d shoo me off taking charge of her clothes with her fav phrase 'apla apla' and try to do it on her own. It's the same with putting on shoes or hat, applying cream to her face, even folding her blanket.
'ok' I say and let her give it a try. Then I pretend to do something else and thru the corner of my eyes enjoy watching my lil one trying desperately strive to achieve her independence. Only to realize later that she still needs my help in something at some stage. She s no too happy nor encouraged at that, nor am I. But I know she ll get there very soon, but before the she gets a taste of fruits of effort and toil, she ll have to bear with some simple failures and not give up. Hope she continues 'apla apla' trying, with patience and perseverance. And hopefully I can lead by example, with patience and perseverance - refraining myself from rushing to help every time I see her struggle or fail.

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