Tuesday, May 3, 2011

valid question

Tvisha: mom, when I grow up will I be still a girl?
Me(driving her to school): of course
T: and Kian, will he still be a boy?
Me: yes
T: when I was a baby, I was a girl or a boy?
(driving me nuts)
Me: you were a girl when you were a baby, you are a girl now and you will always be a girl. (then a lil smarter side of me awakes) but why do you ask that?
T: because, I think all babies are boys and when they grow up some become girls and others become boys.

opened up my eyes lil one. never 'looked' at it this way. thanks for allowing me this privilege - of seeing the world in this special way. Also learnt a lesson (well yet again) - never evade, condone or doubt a child's questions - they always have a justified reason to ask.