Sunday, September 20, 2009

Terrible TWOs

Back to journaling after almost a month. Was there nothing to write? I'd be kidding you if I said that. It's just that I'm consumed and on my toes, trying to keep up with the demanding tot who's tasting and giving us the flavor of the 'terrible twos'.

Here's the recipe for a perfect 'terrible two'

1. Frustration due to conflict between mental independence and physical dependence -
She's trying to be independent - doing things on her own, which she some times can but many a times she still can't:(
Situations like;
- wearing her own shirt, pants (she mostly can, but sometimes she would put both her legs on one pant hole), slipons (again she does get it right almost always, but she has some problem with the velcro being tighter than she wants),
- opening her hadbag (she tends to pull the handles on the opposite sides,
- trying to slip in her bag, a big book
- pulling out the shapes from the shape sorter
- trying to keep a hard-bound big book open

2. More frustration due to confusion -
Her knowledge base has widened. At the same time she's starting to develop a mind of her own. Hence sometimes it is confusing her far too much, more than what she can handle and that's more frustration.
Opinions on what to wear, where to go, what to do, who to play with, what book to read. Same is true for what not to do.

3. Some more frustration due to physical limitations
In her mind, she wants to do a lot of things. But her body doesnt support it always.
Situations like;
- long walks
- crossing the road on her own, until the green man turns red
- climbing up stairs
- running up and down the stairs, even after being tired.
- not wanting to sit back in the stroller, even when she so tired that can't walk any further

4. Then add to all this frustrations some growing up pains and troubles
Like - the ubiquitous teething pains,
- ocassional cough and cold,
- body aches,
- some minor accidents on playground, ('TV got hurt' the phrase would pop up even months after the incident)
- bumping head on the table while trying to go under it (the one which she could easily go when she was younger, but not now without a head butt - having grown taller)

5. And top up all this with a dash of irrationality and whims
- walking in a crowded market, where no one would look at their knees/feet and walk
- wanting the tiger in his slumber at the zoo to wake up
- wanting last minute to eat broccoli, when you've made pasta with all veggies other than broccoli
- wearing home dress, when we are getting late for a birthday party.

I've still not figured out a 'one size fits all kind of a solution for such variety of situations. But at it, and also have learnt to let go at times. But that's what's keeping me occupied these days.

The 'wiser souls', the 'been there done thats' and reading this one, please advise.

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