Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pretty pretty girl!

We were at a dinner last Saturday, with of course TV in tow. She was wearing a red polka dot skirt and a really elegant white (lace) blouse (thanks to her dear aunts). Oh these kids clothes - they are so pretty. And our dear daughter looked really cute in the whole ensemble - with her white Pediped shoes.

A lady at the dinner, commented on TV's 'pretty' shoes, while I was talking with another lady sitting beside me. By the time I could complete the dialogue we'd just started, TV was carrying on her own conversation. And the conversation went like so;

'You have a pretty pair of shoes, little girl.'
'Skirt?' TV, pausing for a response.
Possibly the lady did'nt know what the little girl was hinting at.
So my little girl, without much ado, guided her. 'Skirt, pretty?'
'Oh yeh, what a pretty skirt too.'
'...and a pretty blouse.'
'Oh, sorry! I did'nt notice the little pretty button on your blouse.'
'Aai?' (mom - that's me)

That's where I intervened, rescuing the poor rich lady from calling me pretty (even if for the sake of the little girl).

We laughed the situation out but I hope this isn't the sign of times to come and the kind of social talks my little girl would get into!

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