Friday, March 13, 2015

Master of Ceremony @ our Anniversary

She's 7 now and boy! has she grown up! Super smart and super sensible!

March this year was our 15th wedding anniversary. It was a Manic Monday and we'd decided to keep it simple. Thats how both of us like it. We were all back from work, including our (not so little) T!
Before hubby and I knew it our little one had taken over. She had everything planned (with dear aunt and baby cousin).
A lovely song, self written, composed and sung (no wonder she wants to be a pop star). It goes like this - in her writing;
Dear aai and baba. I have a speshel song for you.

I love you,
and I want to thank you,
for all the things you do!

I know it's your aniwersery, 
and I want to wish you,
a very happy aniversery!

Loved that!
Well that wasn't all. There was a special treasure hunt for us. Together we had to excavate 4 cute cards our artist had made for our anniversary. What a memorable one! Reminded of parties and activities I used to plan for my parents and sisters' special days.

Touched, overwhelmed and super proud! Muah my rockstar!