Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Review - Show for tots - Into the deep deep forest!

Simplicity and music works!

Professional theatre, the best known here! Real musicians (or magicians) creating magic with their musical pandora's box. Simple set. Simpler costumes. Energetic performers. And a super enthu crowd of 2-4-year-olds. Mesmerising!

The story (based on original folktale from Indonesia and Malaysia) is about adventures of a tiny mousedeer who outwits a strong tiger by his tricks. So there are 3 performers - a mousedeer, a tiger and a bunny doubling as a narrator.

Pre-show, the lighting and sounds created an credible forest atmosphere. The performers moved through the audience with stick puppets - bee, butterfly and dragonfly, allowing the young enthu audience to touch and feel. Thus stimulating senses! (What was missing was scents and taste)

First 5 minutes, the lights, sounds and the people created various versions of day and night in the forest - (Innovative) setting the stage. Then with a few song and dance introduce the forest sights and sounds, before the real story unveils. Amazing use of light and sounds. The rhyme
'Can you growl like a bear? chatter like a chimp, croak like a frog, click like cricket, chirp like a bird, roar like a tiger' with the musicians playing sounds from the various instruments was a marvel! Great forest experience. Authentic theatre experience for the little ones.

Can't say TV enjoyed it visibly. But 'I've got an idea!' and her talking about the sounds with instruments seem to have left an impression on her. It definitely did so on me.

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