Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good Manners, not so good result!

Today after the Boom Bah show, the performers gave an opportunity to the audience to touch and feel their props. The cat took out his little violin and invited the little ones to try it.

We were seated a little farther from the cat. A boy, who was sitting closer to him got up to play the little violin and the cat obliged. TV, my alert little one, got up and asked if she could go. I nodded. She walked a long way and stood for her turn as another girl was already waiting.

Meanwhile kids from all over poured on and ran towards the cat and his violin. Some big, some agressive, some cranky, some accompanied by their parents surrounded the cat, making way, as I watched from a distance.

As I noticed my little (really little) one wondering what she should do amidst others rushing and pushing to touch the violin, I stepped up to hold her hand. I had to say nothing, do nothing. TV just walked back, making her way out of the crowd.

I took her to the Chicken with an accordion, and with just a couple of kids around it.

I wonder how a parent could encourage her child to safegaurd her interest first, while being well mannered and courteous.

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