Monday, March 8, 2010

striking a conversation

Today, on our way to school, we bumped into an elderly lady. The lady very polietly said 'hello' to me and then to TV. And TV after visually scanning the lady for a moment or two, waved a hi.

'Where are you going?' asked the lady, seemingly encouraged by TV's friendly gesture.
'Cool,' TV's reply.
'ah?' the lady fumbled at first, but figured it out, 'oh, school? you're going to school?'
'and where are you going?' asked my lil princess.
'Hospital', the lady replied, completely stumped.

Not to add, I was stumped too. That was quick, confident, friendly and a very logical question. But to come from a toddler a little over two years was amusing.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rhyme - Hide and Seek

where's the chicken, where' the chicken
where's the chicken hiding?

here or there, in the corner or square?
where's the chicken hiding?

peep peep peep peep

where's the doggie, where' the doggie
where's the doggie hiding?

here or there, in the corner or square?
where's the doggie hiding?

bow wow wow wow

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rhyme - At the lunch table

At the lunch table, we meet
hi, hello
At the lunch table, we greet
good morning, how do you do?
At the lunch table, we sit
At the lunch table, we eat
yum yummmmm

At the lunch table, we sit in a bunch

At the lunch table, we go munch munch,

why, at the lunch table, we eat our lunch.

yum yummmmm

What's TV reading now?

After the Eric Carles and Dr. Suess, we're moving on. TV's current favorite is The Jungle Book.
We've a beautifully illustrated copy of this Walt Disney presentation, thank you Neena for donating it. And TV cant get enough of it.

I read it to her for the first time a month back. And then on and off. Showed her the memorable hindi jungle book jingle on youtube and couple of other snippets from the TV series. And she loves it.

She has to read it almost every morning. Now my helper reads it to her. And TV prides in spotting the animals in the picture and correcting her reader if she's missed a sequence or if she mispronounces the names.

Her favorite sequences are - of bagheera persuading mowgli to leave the jungle, baloo's training mowgli, the monkeys and the baby elephant in Hathi's dawn patrol.

The reading session is more of TV's storytelling spiced up with the 'jungle jungle baat chali hai' recitation.