Thursday, February 17, 2011

TV WOW (Words of Wisdom)

WOW 1 - The importance of NOW!

We were driving to school this morning, when I realized my windscreen was dusty.
'My car needs to be dusted and cleaned,' I thought aloud.
'Why?' said my why machine, sitting behind in her car seat.
'Well, do you see the dusty glass. doesnt look too clean, does it?'
'No' said she, 'so we need to clean it.' I was surprised with her 'WE', but I just nodded.
Then almost as an after thought, realizing that we'd go to music class after school and lunch and be back late afternoon and that Tv is still recovering from her cough and cold, I said;
'May be we could do it tomorrow.' And that's when I could get a morning dose of TV WOW
'Not tomorrow, we'll do it today. Because tomorrow never comes. We'll have to do it NOW. After school and music class, after we get back, we'll go home and get the duster and do it NOW okay.'
Perfect plan, guru:) love you.

TV has a peculiar favorite activity - she goes about collecting things from everywhere in the house my kitchen, office, toilet kits, brings them all to her play mat, plays with it with some commentary and packs it back into her shelf.
Her 'kacharkumbha' (junk treasure chest) includes cupcake paper cups, straws, her hair clips and elastics, tissues, rags, ear buds, bubble paper, empty glue stick, dads old bank swipe, pen drives, a casino token (how this one came in could be another post) amidst her small toys and other collectibles. her of getting things.
On Monday when she had done playing and hadnt put back things in the shelf, I suggested her to do that. But she was busy with something else and said a casual,'later'.
After an hour still when things were still lying, I urged her to do it then. But then dad had just come back from office and they were having their lil chat, so it had to be later. Then it was bath, dinner... Post dinner, before going for playing UNO session before bedtime, I reminded her yet again and she said, 'I will do it but tomorrow'.
And I went, 'not tomorrow. tomorrow never comes, it has to be done today, it has to be done now. If today is lost, all your things are lost.' And I began to collect her kacharkumbha.
TV rushed to pick up before I'd picked up even 2 and in a few minutes all was set in place.:)

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