Thursday, February 17, 2011

TV humor 3

Tvisha was looking for her hair clip. 'where is my clip aai?'
'I dont know, I didnt see'
'but I want it' Tv
'look around.'
'Me?' TV
'Of course, whose clip is it?'
'so who'll search?'
'lets ask google guys'

TV has a whole lot of questions, some are why why habitual but many are seriously challenging. Honestly I m learning with her. So the questions I cannot answer, I'd say lets check in encyclopedia or when the encyclopedia we have seemed dated (it's hubby's childhood collection) I'd take her to 'google' So much so the term was used that everytime she asked a question and I could not answer, she'd say lets check google.

Google guys were introduced to her some time last year when I was reading the Google Story. So in her quest for complete knowledge, TV had done pretty good a research on google guys, to be able to make them a part of her daily vocab.

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