Friday, February 11, 2011

Tv humor 2

Well Tv and I talk about a lot of things as any mother and child would at this age (3). We talk about going to parks and playgrounds, we plan our days, what we d wear, things we d buy in our next shopping trip and some more serious global stuff like recycling, environment conservation, time zones and geographies (all TV led) and a few personal concerns or goals like getting tall, acquiring new skill - skating, scooting, overcoming fears - wind chill, waves. One such relevant topic we chanced upon (we always chance upon topics, they re never planned) was growth spurt.

TV is youngest and tiniest in her Montessori. This week a new boy, 1 month younger than her joined the class. I was taking to his mother as we gathered for pickup. And tv picked up some bits from our discussion.

Back home, tv asked me 'mom, is jojo my age' and I said yes. Then using her 2 hands she signalled a height difference between the two of them (so cute) saying, 'but he is (taller)'

And I said yes, I noticed that.

'why,' went my why machine.

And I said, 'maybe, he got his growth spurts on time' I shouldn't have said that, as I was in no mood to start a loooooong discussion. But say I did and now I had to prepare for what was to come.

'growth what, what is that?' tv asked a couple of times as I was still getting ready for it.

'growth spurt is when lil kids grow up very quickly, in a short time,' I fumbled through my answer.

'did I not get a growth spurt,' my lil 91 cm 3 year old, desperately wanting to grow taller (that's her new year resolution) asked and I said a no. Gladly she did not ask a why this time but rather went on asking, 'when will I get that?'

And I answered (smart), 'you ll know that not me. You ll know it when you start to feel hungry and want to eat more and more' my lil one has a small appetite and I took this as an opportunity to drive my agenda:)
'So whenever you feel hungry, just eat whatever is available or let me know and I ll stir up something fresh for you.'

So went on the discussion for some more time. But this is just the background.

The next day, Westlife CD was playing, I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and Tv was on her fav mat playing with her kacharkumbha (junk).

The song 'Ooh da bop bop baby please just let me know' started playing.

And TV said, 'the baby must have got a growth spurt'

Startled, I turned to her with a WHY?

'That's why he is singing, let me know (when you are hungry)'

Talk about situational comedy, I've a master at home:)

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