Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shoulder dancer

We happened to see a picture of a belly dancer in papers.
And TV asked, 'what is she doing?'
'dancing, she is a belly dancer,' i answered
'why is she wearing this dress?' TV. You see we dont just stop at one question.
We had recently been to Illawara music festival, where we came across different forms of dancing in different costumes. But this one must have seemed different to her.
'that's her belly dancing costume.'
'what is belly dancing?'
And then the emfbi mum that I am, with my limited exposure to belly dancing, and my humble capacity, I demonstrated to her a few belly dancing moves.
Moments later, TV pulled her T shirt a bit off her shoulders and started shrugging her shoulders.
Seeing me look at her in awe, TV clarified calmly, 'I'm shoulder dancing and this is my shoulder dancing costume.'

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