Friday, February 18, 2011


WOW 2 - Save the Water. Do your bit.

Yesterday, back from school we went hand washing as usual. I was going about washing my hands, with a hidden agenda of demonstrating how to wash hands the cleanest. While TV washed her hands quick and stopped the water. I was done soaping and with my eyes still on TV's hands washing started to rinse.
'in my school,' TV started, as she pumped the soap, 'I wash my hands then I shut the water, pump the soap and then ily start the water when I want to wash my hands again.'
'I listened to my lil girl intently, knowing what was to come. That's the lesson I d learnt from my mum, often heard my younger sis tell others, I in the past had told TV. But now it was coming from my lil school girl. It must have been reinforced in school. I waited to hear more.
TV started the water, washed her hands and said, 'why don't you do just that. It can save so much water. You are wasting water mommy.'
Of course sweetheart, thanks for reminding me of a valuable lesson and hope you remember that forever.

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