Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tv is reading - you, me and the rainbow

This one she got from her school library - her first book and that she's being extra responsible about.

It's written by petrea king, a therapist, philosopher, consultant from NSW.

The beautifully illustrated book is about a little girl Mariah and her interaction and relation with rainbows.
It starts with a typical Aussie scene, Mariah running in an open green field with a double rainbow behind her. Then how she sees rainbows around - in the fields, in bubble bath, oil drops in a puddle, dew drops on leaf. And then a mention of the old myth of pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, which Mariah could never find.

We loved to read the book in the bed just before sleep. What TV loved the most is the part where mariah's mother wraps her in a rainbow colored blanket, runs her hand from Mariah's head to toe, wraping her in different colors. I'd read and do just that, 'imagine, I'm wrapping you in red - the color of cherries, strawberries, in orange, yellow, and individually in every color of the rainbow bringing out the best experiences of that color. Professional Ms. King training young minds to visualize, imagine and relax!

Mariah later wants to send all these beautiful colors and the lovely feelings associated with them, the rainbow to her father who's away on a business trip, to her lost puppy, to her grandparents and even to people whom she does not know. Thus spreading emotions of love and peace and eventually responding that SHE is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Deep thoughts, delivered subtly.
Lovely book. Returned today.

A rhyme for Tvisha from her atya ajji (thanks asawari maushi)
"The sun and the rain in fickle weather
were playing hide and seek together,
And each in turn would try to chase
The other from his hiding place.
At last they met to say
And, lo ! A 'rainbow' spanned the sky. "

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