Friday, March 25, 2011

Cricket fan

Hubby is a cricket fan, I'm not (not at all)
So, he tries to get an enthu company in watching the world cup matches from TV, whenever she's awake and around that time (has been a couple of times)

'bacchu today is India vs australia'
'wow' goes the 3 year old, with an artificial excitement.
'we'll watch it together,' hubby, 'good you took a nap today,'
'yippee' the lil fan.
'do you know what baba is talking about?' I intervene
'yes, cricket match' (surprised me, she hadn't seen or heard about cricket for almost a week now)
'it's between the country we come from and the country we live in now,' hubby's extra info.
'the blue uniform and the yellow uniform?' asks TV and both of us parents are bowled over.
'yes, wow you remember a lot,' hubby goes.
'and the red uniform? When are they playing?' asks our lil question machine
'Kenya?' 'Bangladesh?' 'Zimbabwe?' 'west indies?' we ask taking turns, while tv is eating her mandarins.
Once done, her mouth ready to talk, she says calmly,'canada' when are they playing? That's where Arjun has come from right?' that's her lil friend. And we are speechless.

Just shows how memory is stored and retrieved in lil brains! Wonder thy name is nature!

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