Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tv daily humor

Tvisha: you are good mommy.
Me: okay...
Tvisha: you are gooder than other mommies
Me: thank you.
Tvisha: you are the best mommy.
Me: wow looks like it's mothers day for me today.
Tvisha: why?
Me: these are typical mothers day messGes.
Dad: and me?
Tvisha: you are some good.
Dad: why some good?
Tvisha: it's her - mother's day. Not father's day.

On Friday,
Tvisha: I'm so bored to go to school, when is my holiday?
Me: tomorrow, it's saturday.
Tvisha: then?
Me: holiday again, Sunday.
Tvisha's thinking.
Me: then? what comes after Sunday?
Tvisha: not anything, she's the last one to come to school.

Sunday is in tvisha's school and so are Sixteen, Winter, April, June and her teacher is May.

We're all ready, with sunscreens and hats, to go out.
Tvisha stands looking into the showcase, at an idol of laughing budhha (Sai, the one you gave). After much thinking,
Tvisha: aai, if he wants to go to the park like this, he'll need to put sunscreen all over his body and head, as he doesnt have any clothes.

Tvisha: I already readed the book.
Me: I read the book, not readed.
Tvisha: why?
Me: bcoz there's no such word as readed. You read or read(red).
(does anyone have a better/convincing answer? pl help)
Tvisha: but why red? (smiles, her sly grin) why not pink? pink is also my favorite color:-1
(Realized that past of blow is blue. Like you blow up or blow away (your hard earned money) bcoz you (were feeling) blue:))

Disclaimer: Discretion recommended
Tvisha: Marco doesnt have a runny nose (she had)
Me:not everyone has runny nose at the same time.
Tvisha: no no, his nose doesnt run....(not done yet) his nose bubbles.
Tvisha: Marco's nose doesnt bubble anymore
(Thank god, we're off the topic, until next phase of runny noses at least)
Tvisha: now there's butter and cheese coming out of it.
(Done and out)

Tvisha: Claudia asked me, will you come to my house.
Me: what did you say?
Tvisha: I said, not now. I ve a lot of work to do. I ll think about it later.

Dad: Its ok bachchu,dont fret over small things.
Tvisha: (after a pause) you are not a small thing baba. I'm fretting over you.

We were watching belly dance (talk about multicultural exposure)
Tvisha: why is she wearing that(dress)?
Me: she is a belly dancer and that's her dance costume.
Moments later Tvisha pulled her Tshirt just off her shoulders and started shrugging the shoulders saying, 'this is neck (shoulder) dancing and this is neck (shoulder) dance costume.'

Me: the two of you are the love of my life..
Tvisha: okay......we don't mind.

At morning brushing. Tvisha, 'aai I want to brush with you'.
'I already brushed my teeth early morning'
'then you can brush again with me, you should brush twice a day, right?'

Tvisha was looking for her hair clip. 'where is my clip aai?'
'I dont know, look around.'
'Of course, whose clip is it? so who'll search?'
'lets ask google guys'

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