Wednesday, September 23, 2009

TV's starting school tomorrow

Starting school, for the first time. Staying away from me for a couple of hours- her first time. All the words of wisdom I,ve been hearing so far echo in my mind.
'o, she'll be fine. My lil one didn't even look back once. I was waiting, expecting him to come back to me, but he was just off'. I hope this is what TV does. Just go with the flow, never look back.
'you may have a tough time, she'll manage.' well I dont think so! But nevertheless I don't know.

Then there were stories of kids crying, clinging, screaming, throwing tantrums on their First days. I wonder how I d handle if something like this comes about from TV.

Schools, educators advise to jus LET GO. You don't look back, no matter what the child's doing. I m not a sentimental, emotional mom, but I certainly can't just let go my 2 year old in a strange environment, with new people. So what do I do?

I d begun to prepare TV mentally for this day. I d tell her my stories (positive and good ones of course) of early years school and my younger sisters' who she adores completely. I d tell her about her own friends from the condo who'd started to go to school. I d take her down in the lobby to see kids going to school in their school bus.(this led to her asking, why would she not take a school bus like them?). Then we d a Pooh's first day at school book, which i d read out to her. We even played school one day. (desperate mommy?)
But juding from her comments, re actions and excitement, to an extent I seem to have been successful. But you never know until the rubber hits the road.

So here I m keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow:)

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