Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tv humor

Hubby and i were watching Obama speech in Indian parliament on YouTube - an absolute luxury in the current context (not Obama, or his speech or YouTube or the parliament) just the fact that we could sit together to follow some current affairs, outside of our household.

The apple of our eye was right there, trying to make sense and blend in to the 'group,'.

'who's he?' she asked
'obama' hubby's answer
Why is he talking alone and no one else is'
'he's giving a speech, and other people are listening to his speech' I chipped in
'who are they?' she asked pointing at the men in crisp white (about 6) standing behind Obama
'they are the body guards' hubby
'why are they standing?' TV
B coz 'they are the body guards' hubby
'yes, but why are they standing?' TV
The lil luxuries of life, why re they so short-lived? I m thinking
Tv must have repeated her question a couple of times, but both hubby and I must ve given up on our abilities to answer her why why's
'why why kay? Tyana basayala jaga nasel mhanun,' she reasoned herself and had both of us wow her over mr.Obama
Literally translated from Marathi it means, 'why go why why, they might not have found a place to sit':)

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