Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Onto the 'band'wagon, literally

A blogpost in a really longtime. Still settling in new place, new routines. Tv not yet in school and thus in my care, totally and me, in hers. She starts her Montessori next week. Should find more time to post a lot of interesting developments over her last few months.

For now, a very overwhelming,, repetitive and completely dominating her mind currently is her new year resolution (yes she has one, not me yet) - getting to the ,green band, at luna park. That's getting to 110 cm height and ride on more rides:-)

So much is she on the band trail that she would often categorize people into these bands
'only yellow band people can drink that (coke)'
'red band kids are allowed to cry in school, but not green band'
'I'll be able to carry my my own bag into the flight when I'm green band'

These are just a few specimens of the kind of dialogue we have in house these days - thru the days for over last 3 months.

The obsession with the band aside, but my lil girl has surely learnt the concept of making resolutions, quantifying them and working toward achieving them. I sincerely hope she gets close to meeting her 2011 resolution

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