Saturday, February 27, 2010


Give me a T (TV stands with her feet together and hands stretched across)

Give me a V (Hands go over the head in a well, V)'

Give me an I (Feet together and hands down close to the body)

Give me a S (now that's a funny tricky one, we generally just twist our bodies like an S)

Give me a H (Both of us stand connected through one stretched hand)

Give me an A (and both hands go up and join to form an A)

Looks like my girl knows her name well enough. She can pronounce it, spell it and now even demonstarte it and identify and arrange the letters in her name in order.

Yes, last week she actually used the 6 letters and arranged them perfectly, after a lot of thinking and moving the letters around, to make her name. Daddy dear couldnt stop 'priding'. what a moment!

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