Friday, February 26, 2010

creative sparks

TV is well into digging into her own ears (i mean cleaning them). and she does that pretty carefully - like a pro. in fact she's been doing that since she was 18-19 months.

But this post is not about TV's ear cleaning prowess.

Yesterday, it was her ear-cleaning day. And she had it. The whole box of ear buds to herself. (Doesnt she love to play with them?) and of course a very chirpy and playful mood.

She emptied the whole box of earbuds on the table and started playing (exploring). She'd rub her feet on them, squish squash them with her hands.

Then there was the clean up time. she's supposed to put everything back, else she doesnt get to play with that anymore. So here we were TV as a sporty kid and mom as her default helper.

This time she picked up fist fulls of the buds; a whole lot of them. and insead of putting them in the box, decided to throw them all; up in the air. The act wasnt pretty encouraging for me, but the words that went with the act, made me smile.

'RAIN' she said, looking at the buds fall from the sky:)

well, that's my creative bachcha. But there's more.

Later then when I initiated clean up again, she resisted.
'What now?' I complain
'I want to swim.' TV answers. And before i can say anything adds, 'in the puddles'

And swim she did, in the puddles of the buds:)

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