Thursday, July 30, 2009


TV and I went shopping today. After an hour and a half of pushing her around in the shopping cart, while finding and picking up things and then checking out and loading our 'shopping bags' (with TV's chotti bag) in the taxi, I sat back and relaxed.

And guess what my 20 month old was upto? Talking on her toy phone (I told you, she packs her own bag as well).

'Are you answering the missed calls?' I ask

'Huh' a cold response as she continued further. 'Hullo lata (that's my friend by the way). I home today.'

A long pause, while still holding the phone by her ear, as she took time to look out of the taxi - probably checking if the cabbie was taking us in the right direction.

'OK OK', the phone call continues, 'achcha achcha'

By now, our cabbie looked surprised from the rare view mirror. Then as he stopped on the traffic light, turned back to look at the little girl on my lap.

'Busy, she's working from home today,' I justified.

'snoogums boogums shopping,' TV continued, undistracted.

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