Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My birthday surprise

T: your bday is coming soon.
me: hmmm
T: we need to do special something.
me: hmmm. so what are you planning?
T: I dont know, you help me.
me: ask baba for help
T: why?
me: its MY bday. you need to plan something for ME -a surprise for me. Then on my bday, I'll see it surprised and say 'OMG, what a beautiful thing.'
T: maybe I could do a beeeautiful (we usually talk in adjectives and superlatives) painting for you.
Looks at me, pauses and says, 'I'm telling that to you NOW, now is not your bday. I wont tell it to you on your bday. then it will be a surprise to you.'
INNOCENCE personified!

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